Once when I wanted to give a presentation I got stuck in a difficult situation where, the data I carried in the drive disappeared; Sometimes, my drive  neither  opened nor got ejected.
There are some explanations in the NET but I could discover some more ways to solve this problem, which I feel would be of help to you in times of need.
Eject the drive properly whenever you want to remove the drive from your system – a simple way  is to select the drive icon at the task bar system tray- Click; and Click,  a message appears , which  says that the drive is ready to be ejected. Otherwise the moving electrons over the oxidized layer get corrupted and damage the firmware. Please note that the L.E.D indicator will be off when ejected in the older operating systems like Win 98 / XP and will continue to glow In the new generation operating systems like Vista / Win7 due to ‘Ram-boost’ technology introduced by Microsoft.
The infected drive can’t be removed generally as virus communicates with system and an error message will appear – generic error! You have to delete the virus before removal or, switch off the system and remove.
When an infected Pen-drive is inserted into a system most of the antivirus programs detect and try to disinfect the same but not to 100%. There are still some culprits that insulate themselves and escape and continue to infect everyone’s system whenever/ wherever the pen-drive is inserted. Unfortunately you would be carrying a hidden dreadful virus through your pen-drive. Even your new pen-drive gets easily infected if it is used in a common place like a cybercafé or a college and you get the virus to your Home system and there after your home system becomes the focus to damage all other systems.
The virus creates a duplicate name or a folder named – ‘New Folder ’ and hides the original file and   permanently  changes the folder view  option to– don’t show hidden files and thereby you lose the opportunity of  viewing the file.
Anti virus scanning in a post infection scenario may remove the virus but can’t repair the damage.
This happens mostly in operating systems like XP / WIN 98
and you can recover files through Operating systems like 
VISTA/WIN7/LINUX/MAC through show hidden files mode / windows explorer mode.
Ensure that you never use a Pen drive while booting / restarting a system – the flash memory virus cleverly scripted, escapes any defense by antivirus program and gets into your system.
Once in a while use antivirus programs like AVAST in scheduled boot scanning mode before the operating System starts.
To find  whether your pen drive carries the hidden virus and to avoid  formatting the drive every time,  go to RUN – CMD – go to the drive letter as indicated by the Pen drive   type dir /ah = Find whether there is any  file- autorun.inf  (or) with .com, .exe, .bkk, .inf, .exe extn.
To delete the virus Type del /ah /f/type file name – Enter Delete
To check for  virus again, type  the command- dir /ah and it should show the message ‘ file not found’.




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