This is in response to some of your clarifications and, in continuation of my article on pen drive problems.
For those who have difficulty in using the command prompt to explore & delete the virus, the next simple solution is to download the free software- FREE COMMANDER  and install.
Free commander opens like windows explorer interface and shows all the contents of your Pendrive - your files / folders,which are even hidden by the virus and most importantly it also shows some of the family members of the culprit.
You may see the following type of virus and you can directly delete them all .
regsvr.exe recycled.exe newfolder.exe ii.exe iiii.exe
Recycler / Recycle icon (with windows name)



nagarajan said...

Sir,You can also use Panda USB-vaccine

nagarajan said...

Right Click on USB drive and select Properties

Goto policies tab and select Optimize for performance and press OK

Open My Computer, Click on USB Drive and select Format Option

Now you can have NTFS option there.

NTFS enabled USB Drives are write-able only on one PC and becomes read only on all other PCs. Hence, we can read and write on our own PC and transfer files to elsewhere without any fear of virus.


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