Water-the most beautiful gift of nature, will make you to feel a set of positive vibrations flow over you whether you are in front of a water falls  or a sea shore.The form of her purity, flexibility to transform into any shape, the glistening beauty and the sound she produces when she merges with air are all exciting nature of life.

Our life and living culture started along with the river beds. The river Indus where our civilization started gave us our country the beautiful name INDIA.
Life is very precious and water is more precious. Water is one among the five essential  elements of life viz., Air,Land,Fire,Sky and Water, without which no life can exists.

There was a movie called ‘A Beautiful World’. The movie was shot when there was a severe drought and the forest was dry and the movie takes us to a scene at the interior of the forest ….There used to be a pond with little water-you would see a lion sitting in front of the pond and guarding the little water.All of the sudden you would see a sound and a thirsty deer coming  there and the moment when you feel the lion will kill it, the lion will never do it,instead he will chase out the deer and come back and continue to sit infront of the water to preserve it for him.

Even animals know the importance of water. We as human, do not  even care about this vital source of life and waste it so much every day.

You can control hunger but never a thirst. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

Let us see how THIRST occurs.

Thirst is due to two reasons:  Osmometric  Thirst  and  Volumetric  Thirst

The world is surrounded by 70% of water and  unfortunately all the water can’t be consumed.
Our body is of 70% of water. We have four different forms of water. 1. Inter cellular-water in between our body cells, 2. Intracellular-water inside our each body cells, 3. Intravascular-water in our blood stream,  and  4. Cerebro spinal-water in the brain.
At times when you eat food which consists of more salt or sugar, you will  need to drink water. Certain food materials drag out water from the cells to plasma due to osmotic reason and the movement our cells need of water  our body control reflex will release Angiotensinogen which will make us  feel thirsty. While roaming under the sun or during sun bath,our plasma water is lost due to sweating and evaporation which  volumetric cause makes us  to drink more water.

Water is the platform through which our entire blood circulation revolves and aids in the digestion process.
Drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer and significantly reduce joint and/or back pain.
Water naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation underneath layers of skin to give it a healthy, glowing appearance
Water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration.
Water leads to overall greater health by flushing out wastes and bacteria that can cause disease.Unfortunately dehydration is one of the major cause of infant mortality thats why doctors ask us to give normal boiled water along with salt and sugar to compensate the electrolytes. Tender coconut water is rich in electrolytes like sodium and potassium which regulated our heart functions.

We have to drink at least 40ml/kg body weight water every day but that should take into account all our liquid food like beverages,sauces,soups etc., As long as our kidneys are functioning normal ,drinking  more water will never affect the system but it is prudent to get the advise of the doctor if we have a malfunctioning kidneys.

We have a beautiful culture in India. We offer a cup of water first to our guest before asking that what would they like to drink.
In some parts of INDIA like Calcutta, the Bengalis offer sweet along with water while inviting a guest and even the poorest has a culture that at least she offers water with  little jagarry cubes.

Water is one of the best energy that lights up our lives through hydro electric power.
When I bought my first car and, when people wanted to come in the car, I remember what I told them.
“No. I can’t take every one,the car is not running in water”as petrol was expensive. But I was surprised later to watch a documentary  in the B.B.C serial the ‘TOP GEAR’. Scientist have invented an engine where water is used to fuel the motor car. They created a laser cell design where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen and the hydrogen propels the engine.

Shakespeare said  that the greatest sin that could be caused against society is polluting /poisoning of a drinking water resource in his Merchant of Venice.
Once Kabir,the great poet said that the fish in the water will never feel thirsty,reflecting the truth that the the almighty has given him everything  and he never need more in life.

There is a reason why did our Ancestors said that some waters of the world considered as holy and why did they say we should drink a copper bowl of water  every day in the morning when we get up.


Humans being unkind to nature, unfortunately causing deforestation which makes a water flow so disastrous as natural barriers are removed.
It is sad that humans are  fighting each other for sharing of water resource and they are only careful in making mony by selling bottled water but careless in maintaining of ponds and resources.

There is a story I always remember when I think of sharing some information about water. A father told a boy to go to sleep every day on time and there after he should never disturb anybody. once the boy called the father, ‘’ Dad..” the father got irritated and told to remember him his instructions. There was a silence for sometime but again the boy  called “Dad ..” The father really got irritated and shouted at the boy,telling “if your are not keeping quite,I will come with a stick to beat you” after a pause the boy responded, ”Daddy,I don’t mind even if you beat me up but I request you to come here with a tumbler of water as I cannot control my thirst”

Let us save water at office,hotel and at home. Let us ensure to stop leakage of water in public places.
Every drop of water is a precious crystal which should be preserved by us for our children.


sandy said...

Popped in from Aug Challenge. Fabulous water fall pictures.

Blanca said...

Namaste! An interesting post indeed. Water really is one of the most precious things on Earth, it's a pity people don't understand to appreciate that.

I came by through the August Challenge.

Take care, bye bye.

Vera said...

Hi, here via the August Comment Challenge too. :)

Wow, such information on water, and even thirst! Thanks for sharing. The waterfall gif is also wonderful to look at.

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Thank's God...many people around the world still have big trouble to get it. i'm lucky could feel and use His great created.

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