EVIL GAZE    

When I was a kid my mother and Grandmother made once a while everyone of the family members to sit together and performed a set of acts as prescribed by custom to get rid of those evil effects that affects our physical and mental health which can result due to the feeling of jealousy or so called evil gaze of others.
I have heard my family friends saying that after some guest’s visit they tend to come across quarrels and displeasure between their family members which they feel, might be due negative vibration of other’s envy and jealousy.
In India it is still in practice that whenever a new thing is bought in life say a car or a bike or a new house they always put some things as a center of focus to distract the mind of others.  They believe that the sense of jealousy, the feelings of others can be passed through their vision which may disrupt them.

A lemon with four or five chillies tied together are used for the purpose. At times these chillies are also hung on the front door to shield the house from the evil eye. To protect their homes from the eye, women often draw mystical designs on the threshold. Black mud pots with fierce faces drawn on them are also hung on the door of It is believed that if the malefic effect of the first look is neutralized, subsequent glances will have no effect.
All these devices are believed to catch the effect of the evil eye before it affects the crops, the building, or the beings they protect. It is believed that only the first look is deadly, and once its effect is neutralized, subsequent glances will have no effect.

Can there be any scientific support for this kind of belief?
The word 'Dhristi' (Evil Eye) traces its origin from Sanskrit . In modern linguistics its usage signifies 'evil eye' or rather 'casting an evil-eye' Dhristi is not a concept borrowed from superstitions.
Science explains it as the flow of negativity that affects the person or object towards which it is directed.
Every thought form is associated with energy, just as blessings and good thoughts have a positive aura about them, so also negative emotions harness harmful or negative energy.
It has been discovered and proved that every human being have some source of electro -magnetic energy. These magnetic energy are there in different forms. One such , our heart can’t beat without it. These electro magnetic impulses if failed, we are required to produce artificial electricity through pace maker. I have read in a news that a person is not able touch his wife as he gets electrocuted , and even I read that a human electricity can ignite a bulb for few seconds.
And the latest news…
“A British woman, Brenda Allison has extra-ordinary power, by which she can stick metal to her body and she also sets off car alarms. Metallic objects stick to her body and after a long time they lost attraction of her mysterious 'power'. 50 years old, Brenda Allison is called as 'the human magnet'. She is often embarrassed by her heightened electromagnetic current, which is running through her body. Her highly-charged body can also blow light bulbs, trigger car alarms and knock out shop tills. Allison can even dance in the living center with metal objects still attached to his body when a magnetic force in the peak position. Allison admitted that disrupting television signals, and broke the light bulb.Her parents stop buying watches, when she was a child. The strength of her magnetic body disrupts the mechanism of the clock. Hours were confirmed dead.”
Source: Brenda Allison - A magnet Woman

Whether we believe it  or not eyes are really powerful.  Sometimes we can’t even talk to others continuously by always looking at their eyes.



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