We have many traditions in India that teaches our children the importance of living with nature. 
One such festival is called ‘NAVARATRI GOLU’ (the display of dolls) which is celebrated during the month of October every year.
Friends and neighbors irrespective of their religion are invited every evening to gather and participate to share their  joy and to emphasis the need for living with all creations of life forms .
NAVARATRI is meant for people of all ages. An opportunity is created where, while friends and neighbors sharing their love and affection, adults learn the intricacy of human life and small children learn to identify the creatures and the environment.
Of course some may feel that this is a Hindu festival of socio-religious observance but one can’t ignore that the focus is on the  harmony of life and to get wisdom over darkness.

It is an unwritten law and convention that the first dolls that should adorn the GOLU should be the MARAPPACCHI – a naked male and female to depict that the gods first creation (similar to Adam and eve). The original idea  of our ancestors to make the adult children to understand the gender morphology. MARAPACHI dolls are a proud possession for many people and are handed down generations. There is also a tradition of parents gifting their married daughter so that she can start NAVARATRI GOLU display in her house. 

Some dolls like Tanjore racking dolls depicts that one has to be steady in life despite of downfalls. 


NAVARATRI denotes nine steps. Arrangement of dolls in the nine steps (racks) has some significance.  The traditional setup involves to signify the different creations of god or nature and , as  to be a more refined human one has to reach the ultimate by climbing steps one after another.

On march 3 of each year  the Japanese doll festival or HINA MATSURI, familiarly known as GIRL’S DAY is celebrated, which is of different concept.
The origin of HINA MATSURI is said to be from an ancient Chinese ceremony in which people would make paper dolls and transfer their ill fortunes or sicknesses to the dolls. They would then cast all of the paper dolls into a river. Feeling pure, they would then welcome the spring season.

Today, modern dolls festival arrangements are of interesting themes- namely- Life of a woman, scenes of slowly disappearing Indian epics, modern life styles and gods of all religions.

Whatever may be, the festival is an encouragement for artisans and doll makers and more importantly it triggers creativity, healthy competitions among women and families, develops socio-harmonious relationships.


Liara Covert said...

Its amazing how many different ways exist to explore creativity. Your blog reminds visitors that they are unlimited beings with much untapped potential. Keep smiling and inspiring people.

sank said...

Thanks for this post

ChandraSekar said...

Nice blog .Navratri is a big festival.Doing special homam and pujas like chandi homam etc devotees can see miracle in life.These 9 nights is the very auspicious. wish u all happy navratri .Lets all get the blessing from goddess and fulfil our dreams. To know more about navratri


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Blogger Liara Covert said...

It’s amazing how many different ways exist to explore creativity. Your blog reminds visitors that they are unlimited beings with much untapped potential. Keep smiling and inspiring people.