Imagine that the world suddenly became simpler, cleaner and grander.  Imagine then the soft sun lit up a beautiful garden right in front of you resplendent with early jasmine blossoms. Even as the image becomes clearer and more vivid in the mind's eye, a picture of tall, handsome, smart gentleman dressed in neatly iron outfit rendering lecture with a soft resonant timbre, wrenched literally from the depths of his soul and performed with piety.  I feel a dull ache somewhere deep within.  This is the world that is short lived coming to an end. This return to a simpler time and deeper conscience is too painful beyond point & I open my eyes into the present, I feel numb especially, where I realize that I am no longer going to be working under you and today is the last day of our four months project together.
Leaving the centre and you with a heavy heart with a sincere request to you , to please always remember me.



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Some of the pictures displayed in my weblog are from my collections which I have been gathering from internet. I sincerely thank the creators for allowing me to place the same as per my liking to match my presentations. I am utilizing such pictures without altering their meta content and descriptions and in case the author of those images feels that the same is copy right owned I will ensure removal – Dr. MUDHAN

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Blogger Liara Covert said...

It’s amazing how many different ways exist to explore creativity. Your blog reminds visitors that they are unlimited beings with much untapped potential. Keep smiling and inspiring people.