Father and the Dad!

I Love You Dad!

I share with my students the finest of human feelings, sometimes during a special session what I call as a 'THINK DIFFERENT' class. I give them a topic and ask them to reflect their feelings. One such topic is about their Dad. Of course I have to manage their emotional burst by concluding the topic.  Usually I start with a question, what they feel the most important thing in life that they had learnt from their dad! 
I tell them that I learnt to read time from the clock. Some say that they have learnt to ride a bicycle, read news  from paper ,table mannerism, calling others with respect ,empathetic attitude … 
I will always show to them a beautiful clip during my conclusion which will make their eyes wet as the message is  incredibly deep and real , in a revolving life.
This movie validates that patience is a virtue, that touched me too ...
I read somewhere that most male species can become father but only few become a dad. It's true that everyone is not blessed.


mvm said...

Dear Dr.,
That was a very touching video. That too for me who lost my father six months ago. Even before viewing this I was wondering if I had been patient with him as he was to me all these years. Yes I was blessed to be his daughter. You gave me an opportunity to feel the gratitude today. Earlier it was the speech of Rangarajan on webcast on Fathers day


Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Thanks.God Bless You!


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